About Singapore’s Dating Scene

22nd February 2018 | Posted by Wendy Tse Wulff

When it comes to dating, there are many things that must be taken into consideration. A lot of factors can affect how men and women interact with each other. In this world that we live in, we do not only look at the physical characteristics of the person that we date. We also consider different factors and circumstances that will most likely determine whether or not we are meant to be with a certain person.

Let’s Go To Singapore

The dating scene in Singapore “The City of Lion” is quite exquisite. The country is full of romantic places that will make it easier for people to go on dates and spend a special night together. It is a small island and yet, almost everything that a man or woman can want is just within his or her reach.
Couples can visit Esplanade Roof Terrace where they can relax as they enjoy the comforting view of Singapore’s modern skyline. For lovers who are into the arts, they can spend time at Yueh Hai Ching Temple in Singapore. The said place is commonly known as The Love Temple which is a UNESCO heritage site. For people who love scenic rooftop bars, then Terra at Suntec City’s Sky Garden is definitely the right place to go.

Diversity in Singapore

Singapore is one of the top countries in Asia that are visited by individuals all over the world. It has become a top destination for Asians, Americans, Europeans and other nationalities due to its booming industry, rich culture, hospitable citizens and lovely tourist spots.
This is the reason why the people that you encounter in Singapore are diverse. With the difference in nationality, race, culture, tradition and belief of the persons walking around the country, everyone is expected to be respectful of one another. One must always be sensitive so as to avoid offending another. The mixture of different nationalities in this city also results to variation in several languages used. As a matter of fact, many Singaporeans are bilingual. Those who are born and raised in this city speak Singaporean English. With a large population of Chinese, it is of no wonder why a lot of individuals in this small island speak the Mandarin language. Nonetheless, there are really no communication barriers because everyone can converse through the English language.

Culture and Tradition in Singapore

Culture is defined as “the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society.” Whether you are a Singaporean or not, it is important that you learn the culture of this small yet extraordinary city. This is needed in order to ensure that “blending in” will go smooth and easy.
Singapore is a unique and harmonious blend of different races, religions and traditions. You can expect to come across and meet Chinese, Malays, Indians, and other Asians of different origins. Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism are the main religions in Singapore. Respect for one’s religion and tradition is highly encouraged by the government.

Dating In Singapore

The concept of dating may vary from one person to another. The truth is that people has different definition of “dating,” which usually depends on the culture of the place where he or she grew up. It can also be affected with the common practices of the country where he or she resides.
In Singapore, men and women are situated in equal levels. Gone are the days when women were expected to just stay at home and do the chores while men work during the day. Nowadays, the Singapore woman is cosmopolitan. This change in the gender gap was brought about by the open economy of the city. With this, the difficulty in dealing with someone of the opposite gender has declined.
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