Dating in Hong Kong

22nd February 2018 | Posted by Wendy Tse Wulff

Hong Kong is known as one of the top shopping destinations in Asia. Many people fly back and forth to this city in order to shop for great items from different brands. Aside from this, Hong Kong has also become a favorite place for travelers due to its astounding tourist attractions and historical buildings. There are also people who wander around the city expecting to find that one person who will complete them.

Hong Kong for Couples and The Singles

Finding love in this city is not difficult as it may seem especially when there are several romantic places that various individuals can visit. In fact, these areas are not only perfect for lovers but also for the singles. Whenever you are in Hong Kong, make sure that you visit the Victoria’s Peak and proceed to its Sky Terrace 428. Once you are on top, you will be able to see the world’s most breathtaking cityscapes. There are also restaurants in the building that allow dinners to enjoy good food while overlooking Hong Kong.

The Ocean Park and the Disneyland are also included in the list of the most visited tourist spots in the Hong Kong. Locals and foreigners will have the best day of their lives in these theme parks. While roaming around the vicinity of these places, there is a high guarantee that independent single individuals will able to come across someone whom they would most likely date.

Dating Scene in Hong Kong

In the recent report published by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the total population of Hong Kong as of January 2016 is 7, 367,689. Out of this number, 47.3% are male while 52.7% are female. As you can see, the disparity between the two is not that big. This only means that there are higher chances for Hong Kong nationals to meet people whom they can date or even spend the rest of their lives with. As a matter of fact, Wendy Tse Matchmaking has been instrumental in this aspect. Through its matchmaking services, a lot of men and women were able to find the love of their lives. Most of these individuals are happily married now.

As already mentioned above, the city is full of romantic places that are designed to be enjoyed not only by those who are in love but also for those who are seeking for love. With a wide array of restaurants and food places, different individuals are given more opportunity to interact with one another and eventually discover common interests that may bring them to a journey of togetherness. Hong Kong is also rich in culture and tradition which may bring individuals closer to one another.

Tradition, Culture and Dating

Hong Kong Cantonese men and women perfectly complement one another. The men are passionate with their jobs and businesses, with a common goal of providing the best for their wives and family. On the other hand, women are also driven to satisfy their partners. However, problems may arise in their union especially when there are differences in religion, belief and tradition.

Being a Chinese society, the family ties are closer and stronger. Most often than not, members of the family take into consideration what their parents have to say about relationships and marriages. When a certain individual comes from a different race, there is a high chance that the relatives of his or her partner will oppose to the union.

With the differences in tradition and culture of the Hong Kong nationals, it has become challenging for them to find a partner. The good thing is that there are many other ways on how to solve issues like this. One must always be true in order to attract the right person. In the past, Wendy Tse Matchmaking has succeeded in uniting people and actually making them stay forever regardless of the difficulties that may arise between them.